Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mello Out.

This evening Decadence in Berlin will be making their second live outing of 2012, returning to Mello Mello in Liverpool where we last played back in 2010. Since our last visit, this awesome independent cafe/venue/art space was under threat of closure by Liverpool City Council, but due to the hardwork of dedicated individuals passionate about music and the arts the venue has been saved, and so it should. We love playing Liverpool, possibly my favourite city ever to play in, so we will be playing our hardest tonight just for you and for a truely class venue which exists for all the right reasons.

Tonight it's a free show organised by the lovely Free Rock & Roll gang, who we've got a lot of love for, and we will be on stage around 10.15pm. Would be good to see some friendly Liverpudlian faces, especially those we haven't seen since our last visit to the city!

Also on the bill are Bolshy and The Wasters.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Setbacks - Super limited cassette available now!

So, it's only taken us the best part of 4 years to finish this, but finally today we release our album, Setbacks, which essentially acts as a greatest "hits"album which brings together all our recorded output together for the first time. We are sorry we didn't call it Music to Watch Pigs Fly, or Weird Sandwich, like we may have said we would. It was always going to be Setbacks, and the name seems more apt now than ever.

Recorded between Feb 2009 and some time in 2010, you will find all your favourite Decadence tracks - from 'Man-Moth' and 'The Recession Kids', through to 'Atlantic Radio Fire' and 'Gothic Dive-Bar Rag'. Sing-a-long anthems for the whole family to enjoy. And did we mention it's on cassette so you can listen to it in your car/on your Walkman? We've literally thought of everything!

Dreamy, pale blue cassette with sleeve art designed by our very own Pygmy King, Robert Brown, and limited to 50 copies, it's going to be an item you will cherish till the end of your days and will want to show your grandkids. Not even joking! Don't worry about wearing the tape out by over-playing it either, each copy comes with a digital download.

Finally, as a special treat for everyone that has supported us over the last few years, the B side of the tape features a live set recorded at The Haygate in December 2009 - displaying Decadence in Berlin at their most punctual. Included in this set are never-before recorded tracks like 'Residents of Trench' and 'Open Strings' - these will never appear anywhere else, promise.

To celebrate the release of the cassette we are playing our first Telford show in about 2 years at the Facts of Life & Distorted Tapes All-Dayer 2012, at our spiritual home - The Haygate - later today. Come on down, enjoy a day of quality live music from around the Midlands, and revel in the glory of DiB!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The uncanny.

Robert noticed the following similarity between us and a "charting artist":

PS. We wrote ours first.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Back on the game.

After a brief haitus during which Lucy went on a boat, Robert came back to Telford, and I remained the Salopian constant, we've regrouped and started working on new material, the first for a long time. New songs currently in the works include a post-punk romp called 'Kill All Doubt' and a slowburning rocker called 'Eastern Promise, Western Compromise.' Hopefully we will be able to debut some of these soon. In the meantime Robert and I intend to withdraw money simultaneously in the hope that something magic will happen.

We played our first gig since August last Saturday, playing a lock-up party with the excellent God Damn (who feature two members of Your Biggest Fanclub). It was good fun, even if we may have been a little rusty at the whole live thing.

On Wednesday we had a band outing to the cinema to watch Easy A. I had a massive (and over priced) Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and Robert and I both picked up on what seemed to be a reference to The Room. "It's bullshit..." And on the subject of The Room, here's a lovely Kodak moment of Decadence in Berlin (and Mike) dressed to impress at the midnight screening of The Room earlier this month at The Electric:

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Too tired to riot.

We all went to see Fever Fever play in Birmingham last night. Lucy took some photos. She always takes photos.

Rob told a funny
But seriously, love to Fever Fever. Go buy their record!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Let me take you down...

We're going to be playing at this awesome little festival on Saturday. We are very excited. We will be playing at around 7pm. Come camp with us, drink some beers, and sing/dance/freak-out to a fantastic array of acts from around the region.

More info on the facebook event page.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Would you have liked a present too?

Tickets are now on sale for this exciting show, which sees us play alongside a whole host of amazing bands from around the country. I still can't quite believe we have been asked to play! Not only are Hot Club de Paris topping the bill, there will be performances by Holy State (of Holy Roar records fame), Men, the ever-lovely Fever Fever, Aged Yummy, and good pals Joyous. Tickets are available now at £8 (a steal!) from We Got Tickets, so make sure you get on the case and come on down for this one, it's not to be missed. And if you want to get yourself in the mood you can download both Aged Yummy and Men's albums from BandCamp! What are you waiting for?!

Also, for those of you who check the Out of Step blog often (like myself), you may want to note the change of URL - they are now found at
Thankyou please.